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Word - Happy

Word - Happy
Prose, ficlet, angst
Rating: PG
Word Count: 465
Summary: The thing just was, she couldn't bring herself to be happy. The sick, disgusting word... It would never mean anything to her. Not since he disappeared.
Warnings: Mentions of smoking and drinking.
Author's Note: Needed something that would get me back into the writing mood. So I found this community on LJ, 15minuteficletsand decided to start from the very beginning. So this is "Happy", featuring my OC Qiu Yue Kang (with a slight mention of Ryuu Hellsing) who are in my novel-in-progress, "Dreamscape". Posts of that will be featured later, but for now, content yourselves with this mindless ficlet. 

It had been a long time since she had last been happy.

Happy. It was a word that held no meanings for her. It was empty, vague. Ever since she lost the only thing that really kept her going, the word was nothing more than some kind of long forgotten memory. That was all.

Her brother was gone. No matter how much Yue could pretend to mask the truth with the little lies she made up , like, Ming probably just got lost somewhere and his cell phone died, I mean, he’s done that so many times already.  Or, He’s probably off with some girl that he met at the café and is now finally having some excitement in his life. But no matter how many stories she came up with, she would always know that, deep down she would know, that he was gone.

And he wasn’t coming back.

The truth was hollow and gave her no comfort. Yue always questioned why, why had he left her, why? After all they had been through, after his promise? Why would he leave? Without a letter, a message, some kind of sign? Not even Ryuu, his best friend, had known anything of his disappearance beforehand. And somehow, this just made Yue only more anxious to find him.

Since he had left, everything had changed. She became hardened, and spoke with a biting sarcastic attitude to some, while she exposed a softer side to others. But she wasn’t the same gentle girl that she had been before. She’d even taken up smoking once in awhile (she could imagine the reprimanding voice of Ming as he listed off all the diseases that she could get with a cigarette), and on some nights, she drank. Yue knew that it was wrong, and her brother never would have approved of it, but she couldn’t help it. Things were different now.

She had given up everything to find her precious brother, and she knew that no matter what happened, her life would now be the same forever. There was no going back. No. There was no going back once you stepped into the depths of the underground world, no matter how hard you could try, you’d always get pulled back. Yue knew this, she knew this very well. But she was desperate.

Desperate for that long forgotten happiness that she had once had. Yearning for that long forgotten yesterday that had once been her life. Longing for that sweet taste of sunshine that would give meaning to her life again.

She wished for a contrast to her shades of gray, fruitlessly chasing after the fading bits of color that were just inches away from her fingertips.

But happiness was still a lifetime away, and that was the cold, hard truth.

Crash - Memories

Crash - Memories
Prose, General Fiction, Short stories
Rating: PG
Author's Note: For TheDailyPrompt on dA's Three Things Challenge. I used the prompt "cinnamon ice cream, a teddy bear, a picture frame". Open to reader interpretation, although I don't there's much to interpret. This work is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

A terrible, painful, burning sensation ran over my entire body as the vehicle collided with me. I hadn't noticed it until it was only too late. I was in a hurry to return home. I stayed far too late after school, distracted by… well… that wasn't important, and I was worried for my sister, concerned about what might happen if I wasn't there with her. Perhaps I should have been alerted of the out-of-control car skidding in the rain, when shrieks had filled the air, warning me of the danger I was in. But it was too late.

My cheek was pressed against the cold asphalt, becoming damp from the rain that gathered in puddles. My hair clung to my forehead as the raindrops continued to fall from the sky. I dully noted the many screams and shouts, but it was only background noise. I took a deep sigh and closed my eyes slowly, and I think I could feel something warm running down my legs and forehead. But I couldn't be sure as to what it was. Ahh...I'm sorry. I couldn't keep my promise...

...I remember that day. It was warm...the first pleasant day that had come that year. The sun was shining and gently beat down upon our backs as I lazily stretched out across the large table cloth. My mom spread out the three plates on the cloth as my dad began to take out the sandwiches.

"Mommy?" I asked cutely, pushing myself up.

"Hmm?" She reached in the hand woven basket - one that I had made with her weeks before.

"After lunch, can we go and take a walk? Can we catch the butterflies? Can we-" My dad cut me off with a laugh. "One thing at a time, don't get ahead of your self yet." My mom smiled and continued, "There aren't even any butterflies yet!"

I pouted. "Then when will they come, Mommy?" My dad ruffled my hair with a grin. "Not for a few weeks. But expect to see them soon! Now, let's get eating!" I giggled and reached for a sandwich...

...It must have been a couple years later. I sat on the ground, my eyes glued to the screen. I watched the brightly colored dragons soar in the sky while I chewed on my cereal absentmindedly. Only did a few shouts distract me from the show. I pulled my attention away from the television, glancing at the door. From behind it, I could hear loud, raised voices. Confused, I opened the door. Walking to the source of the sound, I came across my mom and dad in the kitchen with angry looking expressions on their faces. They immediately stopped when they saw me standing there.

My mom quickly glanced at the clock, pulling my hand to the door. "Ah! If we don't leave now, I'll be late for work!" I had almost forgotten about going to daycare…

"Mommy?" I asked while she opened the car door.

"What is it?" I sat down in my car seat while she strapped on my seat belt.

"Why were you and Daddy talking in loud voices?"

She looked away and didn't say anything for a while. Then my mom turned back and smiled. "Daddy and I were just having a disagreement. Don't worry about it."

And yet…even at that age, I knew something was wrong…

…I sat, huddled on the top of the stairs with my arms wrapped around my younger sister. She had been born four years before. I remember how she used to be a little ball of innocent sunshine. Now, she was shaking, whimpering, her eyes beginning to water. The enraged shouts from my parents reverberated throughout the house. I wanted to run down to the kitchen and scream for them to stop, but I was so scared. So scared… I could only remain on the stairs, and wrap my arms tighter around my sister. She clutched her worn teddy bear in her arms. My Dad and I… We picked it out of a shop for her when she was born. The memory of it overwhelmed me as salty liquid began to trickle out of my eyes.

Why didn't I do something…

…That day, my parents both left the house. They argued. It got so bad that day. My mom left first, slamming the door behind her, driving off with one of the cars without another word. My dad left minutes afterwards, driving off in the opposite direction, leaving my sister and I alone in the house. I gently pushed open the door with two bowls of cinnamon ice cream in my hand. I never understood why, but my sister and I adored this ice cream. I homemade them from a recipe from the internet. I never got a chance to ask my parents about what they thought about it. They were never around for me to ask, and they never seemed like they were in the mood.
My sister sat on the floor with a dusty photo album in front of her. She clutched a frame in her hands. She looked up at me with a weak smile. I silently offered her a bowl of cinnamon ice cream, which she accepted. She ate it slowly, almost as if savoring the taste.

She flipped the page of the album to a picture of us, all of us, together, laughing. My heart felt a pang of nostalgia. Those times were now long gone. My sister gently removed the picture from the flaps that held it to the book and opened the back of the frame. Slipping the picture inside, she closed the back and looked at it. She placed it on her night table.

We sat there eating the homemade ice cream in silence.



"Promise you won't leave me."

"…I promise."

Everything hurt. Everything, but not as much as the pain in my heart. I felt tired. The edge of my vision was becoming spotted and blurry. I could faintly hear my name in the background, but I couldn't make out the speaker. I was being lifted - onto a stretcher? I closed my eyes slowly, with the faint thought in the back of my mind that I might never open them again. I'm sorry… I'm so sorry that I broke my promise.

The Butterfly Project: Prologue

The Butterfly Project: Prologue
Genre: Adventure/Mystery, slight romance, Prose/Fiction
Rating: T/PG-13
Summary: Part adventure, part romance, part friendship, part mystery and part thriller. And that’s just a taste of our world. Our strange and almost unbelievable story. As for whether you accept our story or not, that’s for you, the reader, to decide. 
Author's Note:  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This work is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. And without further ado, please read, review and enjoy!

My feet slap against the hard concrete ground as I race into another dark, foggy alleyway.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I can hear the pair of feet coming closer. Closer.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I turn around a building, continuing down another alleyway. I blindly make my way through it, occasionally stumbling across a stray piece of garbage strewn across the narrow space. I mentally curse the fact that it had been raining only hours before, obscuring my vision with clouds.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

His footsteps. They're gaining on me. This only motivates me to go faster, faster, faster. My legs are burning, and so is my throat. How much farther must I run, I think.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

His footsteps mingle with my raising heartbeat, becoming indistinguishable in the night. I subconsciously wonder if my pursuer can hear my heart. I wouldn't be surprised if he could.

I turn around a corner again, in a seemingly vain attempt to shake off my follower. Only to be met with a hard brick wall.

My face stings and I think something is trickling down my cheek, but I can't stop to think about that now. All that matters is getting as far as I can from that person. I run my hands across the wall, hoping to find something. One grips onto a metal pole. Upon further roaming around, I discover that it's a plat formed ladder leading up the side of the building. I scramble onto the freezing metal, making my way up.

I want to glance back, to see if he is still behind me. But I know that the seconds I take to look may be the few precious seconds that are the difference between life...and death.

I reach the top of the building. Looking, I can see the entire city. The lights and the buildings fill the ground below me. The cool air gently rustles my hair as I race to the other side of the rooftop in hopes of finding another ladder. And to my luck, there is one.

I quickly make my way down. Down, down, down. As soon as my feet make contact with the ground, I run again. My legs - they ache and burn, screaming for me to stop and beg for me to take a break, but I can't. No matter how much my body wants me to. I can't stop. The alternative of being caught...

Racing down the alleyway, I can only hope that I have shaken off my pursuer. I can't hear anything around me except for the wind, my own heavy breathing and movements. I slow down and stop, bending down and clasping my hands on my knees, panting. I close my eyes, thinking for a fraction of a second that I'm safe.

My eyes suddenly fly open. No...He's still here. Waiting... I begin to run again when a sharp pain erupts onto the back of my neck. And then another on my lower spine. I collapse onto the ground, face down, feeling the hard, cold and damp concrete underneath me.

Footsteps approach.

"You thought you could escape us, didn't you?" a voice hisses in my ear. It sends shivers down my spine. "Unfortunately for you...we will always find you and bring you back." The voice chuckled.

My eyes become heavy, and my body, weary. No! Must...stay...awake...FIGHT IT! I urge myself, but it's no use. I can feel everything slowly shutting down-fading into a deep sleep.

The last thing I am aware of is a vague whisper which I can barely distinguish as "Yuki" before everything turns black.

And here we go again.
Be My Guardian Angel
Genre: Romance/Fantasy (slight), Prose
Rating: T/PG-13
Summary: Yui is one of the very few who are not given a guardian angel. She's comfortable with that, even though sometimes she wishes she had one. However, one evening that all begins to change when she meets a stranger...
Note: There will be some anime/manga characters in my story, but leading different lives than the ones that you normally read about. Expect to see characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (CardCaptor Sakura), Legal Drug and Naruto. Yes, there will be slash (shounen-ai). The main character will NOT be paired with an anime/manga character. So it's OCxOC. There will also be some Japanese.
Author's Note: This is only the prologue. Updates will not be regular, so check my LiveJournal for updates about that. Oh, and an extra special thank you to a person I will refer to as K-chan, who edited this for me. (No, she is not a real beta-reader. But she's awesome all the same!) So thank you K-chan! So please, read, comment, and enjoy!

Act Zero: Fate Has Its Own Ideas

Most people in this world have guardian angels. They are chosen from Heaven to protect, give comfort and love to the ones they are meant to be with. They compatibly match in almost every possible way. Each is carefully selected by the Chief of Heaven, God. But some aren't given any. And one of those people, is me, Yui D. Flourite.

It's lonely not to have one. To not always have someone by your side. My parents died in a fire when I was 10, leaving only my older brother and me by ourselves. My brother had a guardian angel named Kurogane, but I had no one. We lived in foster care family after wards, they were so nice to us. However, one day when brother and I were at school, they died after the house collapsed, due to instability. At that time, he was finishing college, and I was in high school. After my brother graduated, we opened a small café. Since then, we've been living in an apartment flat near it.

I started college a few months ago at Horistuba University. I got a scholarship to it from art contests and writing awards. Art and writing. They're the two things that I'm really proud of doing. I've always been a natural at it, and it's been my release and calmer throughout life.

My life is far from a normal and cozy one. I've been through a lot in my past eighteen years. Loneliness, separations, death. Death…I didn't like it, but it's a natural part of life. I learned to accept that a long time ago. Conversely, all I wanted was a normal life as an artist and writer.

…But fate had other ideas in mind. It started as a cold, fall edge of night…I met someone…who turned my life upside down… It seemed like a coincidence that we met that evening…but there is no such thing as a coincidence. The only thing that there is…is destiny and fate.
100 Theme Challenge FangxMax: 1. Introduction
Fandom: Maximum Ride, FangxMax
Rating: PG (mild cursing) 
Genre: Friendship
Note: This is a fanfic from my fanfiction.net account. This is part of an in-progress 100 Theme Challenge for the Maximum Ride pairing, FangxMax (Fax). It will consist of themes from Variation 1 and 3, and be written as long drabbles or short ficlets. So please, read, comment, and enjoy!
Disclaimer: I am not trying to make any money by writing bad fanfiction. 


I woke up with a horrible headache in a cage. But what else was new? I peeked underneath so I could see the cage beneath me. Damn. Angel wasn’t in her cage. So it meant that They were experimenting on her. Experimenting on a little kid, barely three years old! A range of curses went off in my mind. I looked to my left and saw that Iggy was missing too. Underneath the empty cage was Nudge, asleep and fists clenched. She twitched in her sleep every few seconds. On the bottom, Gazzy was asleep too, breathing irregular. Ack. Headache attack again. I rubbed my forehead, hoping it would dull the pain. Like it actually did.

After awhile, the pain dulled slightly. I glanced to my right to find Fang there. He was sitting in the corner of his cage, knees drawn up, arms crossed on top of his knees and head buried inside. I saw some blood dripping from his arm, forming a small pool at the floor of his cage. My eyes widened a little in surprise. But then again, it was Them that did it. Not a low for them. They were sometimes lower. Wayyy lower.

“Hey, Fang,” I whispered. He raised his head. “You okay?”

“Yeah. But are you okay?” he asked.

“Huh?” A new blast of a headache appeared. I winced slightly, trying to hide my pain.

“Withering on the floor of your cage,” he stated plainly.

“Oh, yeah. Just a headache. It’s a little better now,” I lied through my teeth.

“Don’t hide your pain, Max. Admit it. It’s bothering you,” he stated again.

I remained a little silent. “Okay, yeah, it’s bothering me. Happy!?”

A smile flickered across his face for a second and he curled up in the corner of his cage. Fang closed his eyes and became silent.
I sighed and leaned against my cage. There wasn’t much of anything else to do but sleep. It might help my headache. A small bit of pain went into my brain. I slowly got myself to sleep. And the last thing I remember myself seeing was Fang, sleeping quietly in the corner of his cage.

Land of the Marshmallows

Land of the Marshmallows
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Rating: K+/PG (Only because of Kuro-chan's potty mouth, XD)
Genre: Humor/Crack
Note: This is just a fanfic from my fanfiction.net account. So read, comment, and enjoy!  
Disclaimer: I do not own Tsubasa. Tsubasa belongs to CLAMP. Heck, I don't even own any of the mangas. o.0 


"WHY THE-" Fai's hand quickly covered Kurogane's mouth for a second. "-AM I ALWAYS ON THE BOTTOM!" an enraged Kurogane finished.

"Tsk, tsk. Language Kuro-rin. You'll scar the poor children's minds forever!" Fai teased from above him. Kurogane mumbled something inaudible.

"I wonder what kind of world we're in now…" Sakura wondered out loud.

"Hmmm…strange. All the hills are white…on most worlds, the land is green," Syaoran observed.

Mokona poked the ground. "The ground is strangely soft too!"

Suddenly, all the travelers were poking the ground, save for one.

"What's it with you guys and the ground?" Kurogane grumbled.

"It's soft, Kuro-chi! You should poke it too!" Fai answered. Kurogane muttered something about "stupid mages". Fai gently poked Kurogane's cheek.


Fai giggled. "Made you looooookkkkk~!" The warrior popped a vein.

Sakura was patting the ground when she accidentally…tore off a piece of the ground? Sakura poked Syaoran. "Uh…Syaoran-kun? Are you supposed to be able to take a piece off the ground?" she asked.

Syaoran took the piece of "ground" and was staring at it intently. "Uh…I don't think so, Sakura-hime." Mokona suddenly jumped on Syaoran, grabbing the piece of "ground" from his hands. And swallowed it whole.

"Ah, um, Mokona! I don't think you're supposed to-" Syaoran began before being cut off by Mokona.

"Don't worry! It's edible! I had something like this at Yuuko's! It's called…marshmallow. I think… But it's really sweet and delicious! Try one!" Mokona tore off a piece the so called marshmallow and handed it to Syaoran, who split it in half to give to Sakura. They both stared at the marshmallow, dubious that it could actually be food. "Go on! Try it!" Mokona urged. Syaoran and Sakura looked one last time at the "ground", and took at bite.

"Mmmm….It really is good Moko-chan!" Sakura said. Syaoran nodded in agreement and bit off another piece.

"Fai-san! Kurogane-san! The ground is edible!" Syaoran shouted at the two.

"Hmm…really, Syaoran-kun?" Fai ripped a piece of the marshmallow and popped it into his mouth. "Hyuu~! It really is good! Try it, Kuro-chan!"

"…Why do I have this feeling that it's sweet?" Kurogane muttered.

"'Cause it is!"

"You know that I hate that sugary-" Kurogane was cut off when Fai shoved a chunk of marshmallow down his throat. He spit out, sending white pieces flying through the air.

"DO THAT AGAIN AND I'LL RIP YOUR HAND OFF!" Kurogane threatened. Fai answered by shoving another chunk down his throat.

~A Few Worlds Later~

The four travelers and a white-rabbit-looking-thing were yet again, on another seemingly uninhabited world. They decided to camp out for the night, but they had a small, teeny, weenie little problem. They had no food. Okay, well maybe not so teeny weenie.

"Oh, oh, I know what to do!" Mokona piped. Mokona spit out large chunks of white substance.

"Is that the marshmallow from that world, Mokona?" Fai asked.

"Uh huh!"

"This is a great idea, Moko-chan! Now we won't be hungry!" Sakura rushed over and picked up a piece. "Do any of you want any?" she asked.

"I want some~!" Fai cheered. "Do you want any, Syaoran-kun and Kuro-wan?"

"Um…Fai-san? Isn't it um…awkward to uh…eat something that's been in someone's stomach?"

"Nope! So, do you want any?"

"…I think I'll pass."

And so, Fai, Sakura and Mokona snacked on marshmallows while Syaoran and Kurogane silently sat by a tree, cringing at what their companions were eating.

Like it? Hate it? All comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you~!